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Getting a single backlink from Credible source such as will boost your SEO benefits. Hire me to get a link from this reputable website with backlink as promised from Inquisitr.

Inquisitr has variosu section such as Health, News, Politics, Technology, Sports etc

The Inquisitr aims to publish quality news articles and make them accessible to readers worldwide, while providing the best possible quality and experience to those seeking useful and timely news information.

– Author decides the topic as per website TOS and draft the article
– Once article is drafted, Draft is given to client for review
– Once approved by client, article is queued for review

– Only Informative URL is accepted. Highly commercial or Homepage is not allowed
– Promotional Anchor text is not acceptable. You can expect to get a natural anchor text, not a promotional, brand name or keyword-rich anchor text.
– Author reserve right to choose article topic as per TOS of the website.
– The pricing includes complete content ideation, creation, pitching, and publication. You do not need to and you cannot provide your own article.
– Delivery time may take up to 10 days.

– This is a standard price considering that your link will be informative. If your link is highly commercial or risky then the price may differ, hence share your requirement before placing the orders.

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  • Alicia Leigh
    Alicia Leigh

    Ordered first time through this website. Was little worried but after I got my link smoothly, I will come back again for sure for another link.

  • Alex Mary
    Alex Mary

    Nice work. Bit disappointment on anchor text otherwise acknowledgeable.

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